Speed over dust

Here's a recent song. This one's about getting older with old friends. I seem to be writing less about love and more about life these days. I suppose it's a more interesting subject somehow, with a lot more hidden corners.



Filmed on location in some fields somewhere.

The official video we made for Sky when it was rattling about on the radio. Directed by Adam Jenkins and John Jennings. Camera by Sarah Bartles-Smith, and aided by far too many great people to credit! (Oh and my now big grown up baby Maia, in her first acting role).



Recorded live at the Grey Lady Music Lounge - Tunbridge Wells

Another video from Wednesday's show. A very seldom performed song - please excuse my mumbled lines, I totally blanked out on some of it! (But then it IS technically a drinking song, so fair's fair). Matt Novis again put in a sterling and hilarious performance - sadly the camera couldn't fit it all in - he was chasing my tambourine stomp box around the stage, which has a habit of getting away from you. (This is what most of the laughing in the background was about). Hell it's Friday night! Everyone can use a drinking song!


Valentine - from the album 'geography'

Recorded live at the Grey Lady Music Lounge - Tunbridge Wells


Early days

The below are not technically 'albums' and were never released as such. But hey, formative years and all that! I put these here more as a curiosity as these tracks aren't available to buy. But they show a gradual development of my writing and recording - I hope! (Many were recorded under the stairs in my tiny little house in the middle of the night!)

Monsters from the ID

circa 1996(ish)






Available in the iTunes store - Geography


This luxurious life