A while back I was asked to record a vocal for this lovely track written by Nicky Campbell OBE, to mark the 40th anniversary of the world famous David Sheldrake Wildlife Trust (DSWT). Truly an honour to be involved in such a worthy cause, (and my mum always liked elephants the best...)

sacred eyes

We filmed the video for Counterpart - from Part of the Ark - in my pallet built shed. I must say the shed looks rather awesome! (I plan to put up a 'making of the shed' video at some point. Watch this space...)

counterpart - part of the ark

Well here's the first official video from the new album. We decided to record it in the grimmest setting we could find in an attempt to juxtapose the cheerfulness of the song! Hope it works for you...

let some happiness in - part of the ark


Bull Meets Girl - animation

be your dog - shed session

'Daughters' - live