A few years back, while 'Sky' was being played on Radio2 - mostly at 4am in the morning - I had the honour of getting my best ever national play, which was on Terry's morning show. (Thankfully I still have a soundbyte of this courtesy of Michael Hall who lifted it from the Radio2 website at the time).

Basically he took the piss out of me! But regardless, it was, and still is, a great honour to have at least fleetingly crossed the radar of the great man himself. So while the country mourns the passing of a broadcasting legend. I post this as my own little tribute to a man who played a part in most of our lives. (Anyone who regularly tuned in to listen to the Janet and John stories, would have certainly almost crashed their car whilst attempting not to pee themselves laughing). It was the way that he could get so close to the line - even completely crossing it at times - and never get into any trouble; I think that was possibly the thing that made him so great. Any other DJ would have been dragged before the board and disciplined for sure, but nope. He always got away with it. This in itself demonstrated how much he was loved and respected by all ages nationwide. 

So here is the byte. (Only 13 seconds, but still one of my greatest ever moments)! Made so much more poignant to me now he's gone. 

Farewell to a legend. You will be sorely missed.