Hey. It's been a while since I updated the news. (Which surprises me as I usually can't shut up, so must've been busy then...) 


What news? Well, we've been beavering away on various projects. Shot a couple of videos for the new album - my plan is to try and make as many as possible. (I shall be leaning rather heavily on Piers Foster at Devil Productions for a lot of this, what with him being rather the wizz at filming and editing). Plans are currently underway for me to construct an entire set out of cardboard for the video to The Things that we Bought. The amazing Bea Everett has kindly agreed to appear in said video and reprise her vocal. (Actually as soon as I told her it would be made of cardboard she was all over it). This will involve a horrendous amount of work for me, but these things don't tend to worry me. I'm hoping to start after the Easter weekend and I'll try to make a little photo diary as it should be fun watching it grow!

In other news this week has already been busy with gigs. Tuesday's show at the 5 Bells in Brabourne was great, and last night we joined a bunch of musical loonies to do Every Last Friday, (a whistle stop tour of historic Battle, involving five short sets in five venues - time is short between sets so sometimes you have to run a bit). Sadly you don't get to see all the other great acts playing! But we did catch a bit of Sean Fennessey and his fabulous yet scaled down band. (Brilliant even when slightly drunk)! Sorry to Jamie Smart who was playing one stop behind us - we kept holding him up with our tardiness. 

Star of the night though was my little Joni who joined us for a couple of songs per set with her ukulele. 12 yrs old and able to shut up a crowded bar of rowdy drunks the second she gets behind the mic. Very proud and happy to be upstaged. 

 The rest of the weekend is similarly mad. London tonight. A duo with the hilarious Gez Gold. Then Sunday at Porters in Hastings old town with Piers Foster and Jon Ewen; and Monday afternoon at The Royal Oak in Pett, with my great guitarist Simon Shaw. Then it's back to work! And cardboard making.  

I'll catch up on the sleep some other time.